Legal Matters

Check IN SECONDS the Judicial History of any PERSON OR COMPANY, before “RENTING A PROPERTY, GRANTING A CREDIT, STARTING A BUSINESS OR WORK RELATIONSHIP, ETC,” avoid problems, know the MORAL SOLVENCY of the Person or of the Company With which you will establish a relationship, FIND OUT IN SECONDS IN WHICH TYPE OF JUDICIAL ISSUES IS INVOLVED AND WHY, this will allow you to safeguard your assets and establish secure relationships.


  • Before renting an Property, accept a Surety or a Guarantee
  • Before Granting a Loan or granting and Advance
  • Before hiring an Executive, Manager, Escort, Collaborator, Etc.
  • Before starting a business relationship, business association, business merger, etc.
  • Before starting a personal or sentimental relationship

Because of its low cost, you can also permanently monitor all your customers with our system

  • Throughout the duration of the Credit granted
  • Throughout the time your tenant occupies the property
  • Throughout the duration of the employment relationship
  • Etc.


  • Access through internet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Our search engine collects exclusively “PUBLIC INFORMATION” from 1996 to the date that is said of the person or company you are looking for
  • We are the only company in Mexico that online and in a matter of seconds we inform you of the Legal Credit, Commercial, Judicial status and much more of any person or company.
  • You are not required to sign any contract, our service works through prepaid queries

We accept all major credit cards, alternatively, the payment may be made by a bank transfer, contact us

Unit Unit Price Total Pay with credit card
1 18 18
1 Consulta

Already bought one? It is done through by one of our business executives and sent by email.


Units Unit Price Total Pay with credit card
5 15 75
5 Consultas
10 13 130
10 Consultas
20 12 240
20 Consultas
50 11 550
50 Consultas
100 10 1000
100 Consultas
500 9 4500
500 Consultas

All prices are expressed in US Dollars, payable at the exchange rate of sale in Mexican pesos on the day the purchase is made.
Taxes not included.

Legal Notice

Our system automatically integrates PUBLIC INFORMATION according to what is established in article 18, section II, second paragraph of the Law on Transparency and Access to Government Public Information, which implies and constitutes public information not considered confidential because it is in Public Records or in public access sources such as the Judicial Bulletins themselves.

The information contained in BURO MÉXICO reports adheres to the official texts in the terms of article 14 section VII of the Federal Copyright Law.

The legal framework of BURO MEXICO is also circumscribed in Articles 6, 8 Constitutional and Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights dated December 10, 1948.

Buró México, it is an authorized distributor and certified by the BURO DE INVESTIGACIONES LEGALES S.A. of C.V. 


Legal Matters

Legal Matters

Legal Matters